How To Save Hundreds of Dollars On Your Next Vacation By Using A VPN

When it comes time to plan your next vacation, you probably have a plan for saving as much money as you can on airfare, car rentals and hotel rooms.

You do have a plan right?

Why Prices Fluctuate

As you probably already know, there is no set price for airline tickets, car rentals or hotel rooms. There is a minimum price the company will accept but as consumers, we have no idea what that price is and we are at the mercy of the algorithms these websites use to extract as much money from us as possible.

Some people try to time the airline companies by purchasing their ticket in a designated window of time. This Article on Lifehacker says that the best time to buy airline tickets is between 6-8 weeks before departure at 1 AM on Wednesday morning.

The Most Important Factor in Pricing

While that strategy is effective it will not ensure you of the lowest price of an airline ticket if you use a portal site like Expedia or or even purchase directly from the airline company. The reason being that these sites use cookies to track your IP address and then display prices based on where you are purchasing the ticket. These cookies also tell them how many times you have visited the site to know when you are getting more serious and can adjust the price accordingly. They even know how far you’ve gone in the process of purchasing the ticket, whether you’ve just browsed causally or started to put in your information.

How VPNS Help

So in order to get the best deal on a flight you need to convince the portal website that you are purchasing a ticket from somewhere where the currency exchange rate is lower or where there is an advantage for the company at the point of sale.

For example tickets to fly out of Los Angeles are going to cost more when purchased with an IP address in Los Angeles than they would cost if purchased with an IP address showing a less affluent city or country like Mexico or the Phillipines.

Because prices of flights fluctuate, and the airlines price their tickets according to the point of sale, you can see a huge dip in the price of your air travel simply by using a VPN to mask your IP address and make it appear as if you are connecting to the site from a poorer location.

In addition because a VPN masks your IP address, the portal sites will not be able to track how much time you’ve spent on their sites, how many times you’ve visited or the different flights you have searched. This gives you a leg up as the more information these sites have about your preferred travel, the more they can jack up the prices.

This does not just apply to airfare either!

While you will see the biggest price fluctuations in airfare, because it tends to be the most expensive part of your trip, you will also be able to use a VPN service such as to get better deals on anything you purchase on a travel site from car rentals to hotel rooms.

The key is to take advantage of the point of sale discount by connecting to the site through a VPN server in a less affluent country thereby taking advantage of the currency exchange rates and lower prices found in those countries.

Using a VPN service can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your next vacation simply by changing the point of sale of your tickets, car rentals and hotel reservations. It’s so simple to do you’d be crazy not to take advantage of this super easy completely legal way to save on your next vacation.

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