5 Surprising Benefits To VPN Services

There are a number of advantages to using a VPN or virtual private network service. The most obvious benefits of VPNS are security and privacy advantages when connecting to the Internet. VPNS use encryption to make sure that the user’s IP address and sensitive personal information cannot be tracked by websites or search engines or cyber criminals.

With the average person visiting 7 websites a day that track your personal information and preferences, security of information and protection of privacy are the most important forms of peace of mind that a VPN service can provide.

But, you probably didn’t know that there are also a wide variety of other benefits VPN services provide for both the private and business consumer.

In fact there are so many other advantages to using a VPN service like http://www.securevpn.com that I could not list all of them in a single article!

But since I want to make sure that you are as informed on VPNs as possible I want to present you with this list of the 5 most surprising benefits of VPN service.

These 5 benefits of VPN service will be things you probably have never thought of before as being benefits available to you with the use of VPN service.

5 surprising benefits of VPN services!

1) Saving You Money!

2) Access To Restricted Resources

3) Better Connectivity

4) Change and Hide Your IP

5) Travel

Let’s talk about each one of these benefits in a little more detail.

Benefit # 1: Saving You Money!

The most surprising benefit of VPN services is the amount of money they can save you on things like airline tickets, rental cars and even flash sales.

Most websites that you visit track when you visit and what you look at before, during and after you buy anything from a flight to Fiji to a blender on Amazon.com.

Many of these sites then charge you more, especially the ones that have fluctuating pricing like travel websites: Kayak.com, Hotels.com and Travelocity.com.

The key here is to use a VPN to block your location or broadcast a location from a less wealthy country such as the Phillipines if you live in the United States. This will help you get cheaper prices on flights, hotel rooms and even rental cars because the sites are programmed to get a specific price per location and the locations in less affluent countries have lower prices.

You should also use a VPN if you are planning a trip because simply looking up trip information more than once from the same IP address, can cause these sites to show you higher prices.

VPNs can also be used to get better prices and more sale offers on sites that track you through what’s known as ad re-targetting.

When sites re-target you, they track you using your IP address to see what you look at and offer you those and similar items, it may also turn off your ability to get those items on sale or cheaper than the price you already saw.

If you always use a VPN when you shop or research more expensive items you will avoid paying higher prices and have access to the best possible prices.

Benefit # 2: Access To Restricted Resources.

VPN services allow you to get around restrictions on a network.

This allows you to get access to websites that might be perfectly legal like Facebook or Twitter but are restricted by your school’s network, your company’s or even your country.

VPN services also allow you to access your completely legal Netflix account while on vacation or in a country that Netflix still does not operate in like China.

Benefit # 3: Connectivity

VPNs allow a level of connectivity no matter where the various members of a network are actually physically located.

Using a VPN a company can transfer files, share information and manage an entire company remotely allowing for lower overhead and better rates being passed on to the consumer.

A great feature of VPNs, which helps connectivity, is port forwarding.

Port forwarding is basically when you allow remote computers access to a specific computer, it’s files and attachments.

Port forwarding can be extremely helpful when distributing documents or working from a variety of locations with or without the connected computer.

Benefit # 4: Change and Hide Your IP address

Your IP address is being tracked constantly.

Because it’s the internet, people don’t understand that everything they do in Google, everything they type on Facebook or Linkedin or any of these other social media sites is being stored and if you don’t hide or cloak your IP it’s being stored with your exact location even after you delete any messages or profiles.

If you use a static IP address, you are constantly being tracked and advertised to or possibly worse.

For most of us being tracked by Google or Facebook is not a huge deal because the worst thing that’s going to happen to us is they try to sell you something. But if this information is stored for you, it can be hacked and used by cyber criminals to do everything from blackmail to extortion to identity theft.

So using a VPN service like securevpn.com allows you to keep your identity more secure by not tying an IP address to your information.

Benefit # 5: Travel

Whether or not you work remotely, the Internet is likely a big part of your travel plans.

Sending emails to relatives, posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram, and even using Facetime or Snapchat requires a safe and secure internet connection!

I already talked to you about how you can save money booking your trips using a VPN but you can also use a VPN to safely access the internet and other computers on your network anywhere around the world!

One of the great benefits of VPNS is that it enables what’s been called the 4 Hr Workweek Lifestyle. The 4HRWW as it’s become know is a book by Tim Ferriss where he describes creating an online stream of income leaving one free to move around the world to less expensive places and spend more time learning and relaxing rather than working to make it in the first world!

Because VPNs allow you to have the same access anywhere around the world, various internet entrepreneurs have used VPN technology and the low cost of living in countries like Thailand, Colombia, Eastern Europe and China to travel as they work.

As long as they have the safe and secure access to the internet a good VPN provides, and they can access their files back home over the connection these internet nomads can work from anywhere while enjoying all of the benefits of the 4 Hour Workweek Lifestyle.

Let’s Re-Cap:

In this article I have talked to you about 5 surprising benefits of VPN service you probably have never considered before.

They were:

1) Saving You Money!

2) Access To Restricted Resources

3) Better Connectivity

4) Change and Hide Your IP


I went in depth about each of these benefits and told you exactly how to use each of them to have a safer, more secure and even cheaper Internet experience.

Now that you know about these surprising benefits of VPN service, you need to start taking advantage of them either by signing up for a free account with right here with securevpn.com or if you are already a VPN subscriber being sure to use the VPN to save money, get better connected and help you enjoy your vacations even more!

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